Philly cider week

I teamed up with the founders of Philly Cider Week (the first annual series of events took place in October, 2018) to help them invent a logo and brand identity, and implement it on various social media platforms and a website. Here’s a peek into what we accomplished.


the logo

To set the tone for the brand’s identity, I wanted to square away the main logo. Cider Week’s organizers expressed their tastes and vision. Since Philly Cider Week brings producer-made, purist ciders from farm-to-glass, we agreed that the logo should evoke the rustic, bucolic nature of the lands in which they’re produced.


alternative logo

We agreed on an alternative iteration of the logo, for settings that don’t call for the circular version as much. It involves a one-color formation of the branch, leaves and apple illustration, over a rectangular background. It also includes a separate font from the main logo — lighter in tone, yet comparably rustic.

I chose rough-around the edges, classic typewriter-esque, serif fonts to match the tone of many of the labels farmer-made ciders feature on their bottles.

Supporting imagery

Once the logo was approved, I set out to draw supporting imagery to help give the brand more personality, specifically for use on the website. Since Philly Cider Week is the new kid on an already well-established block, it’s important for them to distinguish themselves, and present a distinct personality off the bat. My illustrations aim to help paint a picture of what Philly Cider Week is all about.


We needed to spread the word offline, so we created a simple 11x17 poster that the Cider Week crew was able to post up around Philly.

sketches & initial ideas

Cider Week is currently planning for the 2019 season, and I’m excited to be working on new projects with them for their second year of events.