Bloomsday Cafe

I worked with Bloomsday as they prepared to open their all-day cafe in Headhouse Square, Philadelphia (a.k.a. East Philly!). I didn’t create the initial brand system, but I combined its elements with some of my own design work to create their menus and various promotional materials.


Bloomsday’s kitchen is open seven days, morning, noon and night - an endeavor of significant scale. That means a need for more than a couple iterations of a menu—morning, noon and night on weekdays, plus brunch on weekends, and varying drink offerings to accompany each food menu.

I combined the existing brand system and guidelines with some extra icons that I illustrated to draft each menu layout.

Siren Poster smaller.jpg


They wanted a grand opening poster to be off-brand, and reminiscent of a classic screen printed gig poster.

Since their logos heavily revolve around images of sirens, I started by drawing a siren of my own in a different style than the rest of the brand.

To drive home their natural wine and coffee focus, I wanted to include references to each of those ideas.

Thus, the siren pouring wine and coffee for the sailors she just lured to shipwreck is born.

bloomsday postcard mockup.jpg


Bloomsday is big on locality, and what better way to promote where you are than through a postcard.

They give each guest one of these with the check.

Fancy Wine Club

Fancy Wine Club is a project of Bloomsday in which members receive exclusive access to curated wines on a monthly basis. They asked me to design membership cards and pins for the club members, and the brief was to keep things lighthearted and include a Caganer.

Fancy Wine Fest

In the spirit of the Fancy Wine Club, Bloomsday started the Fancy Wine Fest—a small natural, organic and biodynamic-centric wine festival held under the Shambles at Head House Square, across the street from the restaurant. The brief for its branding was to draw a burly dude chugging natural wine, and holding a chicken leg. I did just that.


Loving the idea of icons for their menu sections, Bloomsday asked me to illustrate a set of images. The existing brand was strong, and since I didn’t create it, I knew trying to replicate it to a T with the icon illustrations would’ve looked like a lame rip off at best. My aim was to create the set in a different style that would complement their main brand elements.

I’ve had a lot of fun working on these images so far. I look forward to continuing our partnership, and helping Bloomsday Cafe with future design projects.